The stress of teaching children at home is heavy on the shoulders of many caregivers. With parents monitoring their children’s homeschooling while trying to work simultaneously, the stress levels go sky high. There are a few things you can do to make it through this tough time.

Think Outside The Box

You aren’t an educator; you can take some breaks. Get up and move around with your child, and give them free rein to stop a few times. Let them do activities that encourage creativity, cooperation, and physical fitness. These might not be considered everyday school activities, but you don’t have to replicate it. Remember, you’re trying to figure this out together. You have to find the best ways for your child to learn.

Stick To A Schedule

The best advice is to stick to a schedule. You’re home all day, so your routine needs to be the same. This will help everyone stay calm. Kids have to understand you’re in charge now; they need to listen to you so they can learn in the best way possible. Include free time in their routine to give them some control.

Mental Health

Sometimes kids meltdown; they aren’t acting out because they’re wrong; they could just be stressed out. Add in time to treat their mental health. Children need to have access to their emotions. They’re probably scared and lost. If they aren’t focusing on their school tasks, give them space to step away and talk about it. By giving them empathy, you’re helping calm their nervous system and providing support.

You’re Only Human

Many parents have realized they cannot be the homemaker and teacher while simultaneously doing remote work. It’s important to understand you’re doing the best you can for your child. Your biggest job is to keep them safe and help them learn. There will be times you cannot give them all of your time while you do your job, so it’s best to take each day one hour at a time. You may have dishes stacking up and laundry waiting in the wings, but give yourself some grace to be human.


Dr. Catherine Barnes is a Jacksonville, Florida-based educator with over 25 years of experience. A graduate of the University of Florida, Dr. Barnes forms her educational philosophy around the belief that “kids deserve a fighting chance—even if you have to fight to give it to them.” She understands that, by adapting to modern students’ needs, today’s teachers can change the trajectory of a child’s life, and has allowed her to continuously embody success and vision in her field.